Postal Services

Tower Barracksal Service Center
Bldg. 141, Grafenwoehr – Tower Barracks
CIV Address: GTA, 141 Gettysburg Ave, 92655 Grafenwoehr, Germany
MIL Address: Unit 28130 APO, AE 09114
DSN: 475-6333
Civ: 09641-83-6333
Int: +49-9641-83-6333

Rose Barracks Postal Service Center - Vilseck
Bldg. 338 & 339, Vilseck - Rose BarracksCIV Address: 53 Constabulary St. (Sudlager), 92249 Vilseck, Germany
MIL Address: Unit 28038 APO, AE 09112
DSN: 476-3462
Civ: 09662-83-3462
Int: +49-9662-83-3462

Hours of operation:
Military Postal Service:
Monday to Wednesday and Friday: 1130 - 1700
Official Mail Service's
Monday to Wednesday and Friday: 1130 - 1700
Mail Room Delivery Services
Monday to Wednesday and Friday: 1130 - 1745

FURLOUGH Fridays: Monday to Thursday, all services

Mission Statement/Service overview:
To provide exceptional postal services for all members of the USAG Bavaria Community (Tower Barracks and Rose Barracks) by furnishing outstanding customer service in the shipping, receiving, and distribution of the mail.


Normal transit time for 1st class mail from the U.S. is 7 - 10 days.
If 1st class mail has not arrived within 45 days, then contact the sender or the APO.

Normal transit time for bulk/presorted standard mail from the U.S. is 4-6 weeks.
If bulk/presorted standard mail has not arrived within 75 days contact the sender or APO.0

Please do not come to the customer service window if you do not have a card for packages on Mondays or Tuesdays.


Types of cards:

PS form 3849 (the peach colored card)
used to issue out accountable items. For example: insured, certified, and express.

PS form 3907 (the big yellow card)
used to issue out non-accountable parcels.

3X5 index card (the little blue card)
used to issue out small non-accountable parcels, large envolopes, and excess mail.

3X5 index card (this card is tan)
used to issue non-accountable mail through the after hours parcel boxes.

Please leave these cards in your box until the window is opened and you are ready for pick-up. At that time bring card(s) to window with ID card, and we will glady help you.