Community Bank

Community Bank Tower Barracks
Bldg. 105, Gettysburg Avenue – Tower Barracks
DSN: 475-6140
Civ: 09641-92240
Int: +49-9641-92240

Community Bank Rose Barracks
Bldg. 224, Rose Barracks
DSN: 476-2539
Civ: 09662-7146
Int: +49-9662-7146

Hours of operation:

Monday to Wednesday and Friday: 0900 – 1600
Thursday: 1000 – 1700



Community Bank operated by Bank of America

 Community Bank provides all cash and deposit services to: Finance Offices, Credit Unions, retailers, private organizations, and NAF.  Stateside equivalent banking services are provided to authorized customers. ATMS are strategically located in both communities. 

 Community Bank provides services five days a week.  Community Banks operate under local labor laws and therefore, close on local holidays but remain open on U.S. holidays.  Full banking services are available up to 90 days after PCS/ETS date, or up to the term of a CD or a loan.

 Authorized Community Bank customers include: active duty military personnel and their families, DoD civilians and their families, logistically supported contractors and their families.  Limed services are given to: retirees, NATO forces, TDY personnel and reservists on orders.